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Gilmour Mini DusterGilmour Mini Duster

A cost effective & easy fill hand-held duster.

  • Holds 2kg of dust
  • Strong metal pump rod
  • Large diameter pump
  • Extension tube and crack & crevice tip

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B&G Mini Dust-R (1151)B&G Mini Dust-R (1151)

A versatile and easy to use 1kg duster.

  • Supplied with a variety of extensions and tips
  • Easily adjustable output volume



B&G Hand Dust-R (1152)B&G Hand Dust-R (1152)

A 2kg tank makes this duster ideal for a wide variety of applications.

  • A large 90mm tank opening for easy filling
  • Includes a 300mm extension lance



B&G Long Reach Dust-R (1153)B&G Long Reach Dust-R (1153)

The perfect solution for long reach requirements.

  • Includes 3 extensions for reaching up to 14feet
  • 2Kg tank
  • 2 Outlet ports for pushing dust in any direction
  • A wide variety of tips included
  • B&G Long Reach Dust-R (1153)



B&G Electric Dust-R (2250)B&G Electric Dust-R (2250)

A heavy-duty electric duster for large-scale dust or granular applications

  • 6kg capacity with a large opening for easy filling/cleaning
  • Moulded tank for maximum stability & durability
  • Flexible 600mm hose to better direct material
  • Available in 110V or 240V (CE Approved)


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